.IT Nameserver requirements

In order to activate a .IT domain, you must provide at least two functional nameservers. Nameservers can be provided when registering the .IT domain or when activating the .IT domain. All DNS zones should be configured beforehand. The IT registry checks the DNS requirements at registration and if that fails, periodically thereafter. If, after 30 days, the DNS requirements are not met, the IT registry will delete the domain.


The following DNS requirements must be pre-configured for any domain name registered:

  • The servers’ IP addresses must be static and correspond to those actually associated with them.
  • The first nameserver must be the same as indicated in the Server of Authority (SOA) record of the domain name.
  • A CNAME must not be associated with the domain name.
  • The name of the nameserver specified in the SOA cannot be a CNAME.
  • At least one MX or A record must exist for the domain name.
  • Where an MX record is listed, it must not have an associated CNAME.
  • Whenever interrogated, the servers must not give the following responses: not responding, not reachable, not running, non-existent domain, host not found, server failure, query failed.
  • Indicated nameservers must be authoritative for the domain name.

Important: Effective June 30, 2009, the .it registry does not allow you to use the nameservers dns2.nic.it and dns3.nic.it.

Note: Nameserver changes can take up to five days to complete pending validation by the Registry. During that time, the domain's status is pendingUpdate, and the old nameservers continue to be displayed.

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