Transfer out a non .UK domain name ie. COM, NET, ORG

In order to transfer away a non-UK domain name such as: .COM, .NET, .ORG
For non-UK domains our part in the process is limited. The domain transfer is initiated at your new domain host and they PULL the domain from us. We cannot PUSH the domain to the new host. Simply follow the steps below to a trouble free transfer of your non-UK domain name.
You will need to initiate the transfer at the receiving registrar, i.e. your new host. Before you do this, to ensure a smooth transfer, do the following:
1) Check that your domain name has been registered for more than 60 days or was not transferred in to us in the last 60 days, a non-uk domain name can only be transferred out after the first 60 days of registration or transfer-in, this is not a restriction that we have put in place, it is put in place by the domain registry.
2) Check that your domain name has not expired. Expired domain names cannot be transferred. If it has expired you must renew the domain before transfer.
3) Unlock your domain name. Go to your domain name in Client Portal > Domains > My Domains > Click on the Domain that you wish to unlock > Registrar Lock -> Select "Disable Registrar Lock"
4) Now, go to Contact Information
5) Please check that the admin contact email address is current, please update the admin contact only and not the owner contact as updating the owner contact will lock the domain for 60 days according to ICANN policy.
6) Start the transfer-in process AT YOUR NEW HOST. It cannot be started by us.
7) Wait for the registry to send you an email requesting authorisation for the transfer.
8) If you are asked for an AUTH/EPP code in the email, submit a ticket and we will get this for you.
Once you get to the final step, transfer is usually completed within seven days.
BUT before you decide to Transfer-Out please consider the following:
1) Why not just change your domain name servers? This has the same effect without the domain transfer requirement.
2) Do you know if your new provider will release your domain so easily? Some providers charge between £15 and £99 for domain transfers. Find out the charges first.
3) Do you know your new provider domain renewal rates? Find this out first as once your domain is transferred, you are locked in to their renewal prices.
4) Why do you want to Transfer-Out your domain name? Did someone give you a better price? Let us know!
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