Plesk 12 Step-by-step Video Tutorials

Using Plesk is easy. Quickly learn how to accomplish the most common tasks with our Plesk tutorial videos. You can also find these tutorials within the Plesk panel itself.
Changing Passwords How to: Change the Plesk 12 Panel Password
Updating Contacts How to: Update your Contact Information
File Management How to: Use the Plesk File Manager
Using FTP How to: Add, edit and remove FTP accounts
Building Web Sites How to: Use the Web Presence Builder
Managing Domains How to: Add websites to your hosting account
Managing Subdomains How to: Add subdomains to your hosting account
Domain Forwarding How to: Setup domain name forwarding
Mailboxes How to: Create and manage mailboxes
Mail Forwarding How to: Create mail forwarding addresses
Auto Responders How to: Create auto responders and replies
Installing WordPress How to: Install a WordPress application
Mail Aliases How to: Create email aliases and forwarding
Mailing Lists How to: Create and Manage Mailing Lists
Managing Subscriptions How to: Change Subscription Passwords
The Official Plesk 12 Customer Guide has everything you need to become proficient using Plesk.
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