Getting BadMailFrom Error: Cannot Send Email

Re: BadMailFrom Spam Trigger

If you are getting BadMailFrom message when trying to send email then one of the following has happened:

1) You have sent a large number of emails from an account and the recipients have marked some of this email as SPAM
2) Your account has been hacked and a spammer is sending emails from your account

The BadMailFrom filter stops SPAM before it gets 'too' serious. The filter is automatically removed after a short period of time. If the problem persists the lock will be in place for a longer period.

The recommended actions you should take are:

1) Ensure you are sending emails only to recipients that are expecting the email
2) If you are sending to a large number of recipients try spreading out the mailshot (over a number of hours or days)
3) If you did not send a quantity of outgoing mail then change your mailbox password straight away.

It is not possible for our Support Staff to reset the BadMailFrom trigger. Simply await it to reset. The trigger does not affect incoming mail.
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