Reserved .UK domain names – your .uk rights

Are you one of the 3.2 million people who have rights to a .uk domain? Domains registered before 23:59hrs on 28 October 2013 acquired the rights to the equivalent .uk domain. If you own a,,,,, or domain, the matching .uk domain may have been reserved for you until 25 June 2019. This could mean if you ... Read More »

1st Jun 2019
UKC04 – Upgrade to Plesk Onyx

Security, Performance and Feature Enhancements We are pleased to announce that all hosting accounts that reside on UKC04 (Plesk 12) will be upgraded to the very latest Plesk Onyx panel between 2200 Tuesday 28th May and 0400 Wednesday 29th May. There will be no disruption to your service. Plesk Onyx brings a whole suite of new features as well ... Read More »

28th May 2019
Plesk 12: Upgrade to PHP 5.6

PHP 5.6 Available Upon RequestBy default, all hosting accounts are provided with the latest revision of PHP 5.4.x. This is a stable version and has proven suitable for production use. There may be cases where you would like to use a higher PHP version. Upon request, we can upgrade your PHP as below: PHP 5.5.x PHP 5.6.x Simply contact ... Read More »

15th Sep 2016
Newsletter: Autumn 2015

Read Our Latest Newsletter: Autumn 2015Dear Clients, We know you are busy, so we will keep this report brief ! We are excited to update you regarding the ongoing improvements we are making to all web hosting services during the latter half of 2015. Hardware Upgrades The technology behind server and network hardware is constantly changing. ... Read More »

15th Oct 2015
Claim Your Reserved .UK Domain Name

Own an existing domain?Claim your reserved .uk domain now to avoid missing out! On 10 June 2014, shorter, sharper ‘’ domain names became available for the first time alongside ‘’, ‘’ and so on. This represents the biggest modification of the UK namespace since it began. Any unique ... Read More »

22nd Apr 2015
Plesk Server Upgrades - Incoming

So that we can continue to provide high levels of performance to all our hosting clients we are planning a number of upgrades to both server hardware and control panel software for 2015. Plesk 9 – We know many of you love this old panel but unfortunately it’s time to say goodbye to it. All Plesk 9 servers will be upgraded to ... Read More »

19th Jan 2015
Wordpress Brute Force Protection

Dear Valued Customer,Recently there has been a tremendous increase in Brute Force Login attacks against Wordpress installations.We are now applying a solution across all servers to prevent such automated bot driven attacks against wp-login.php for all sites.You will know your account is protected when you a prompted for a "login / password" when ... Read More »

3rd Mar 2014
Make money from your site - Earn £10 Per Click

Activate your affiliate account and start earning money today... We pay you £5 to join today We pay commissions for every signup that comes via your custom signup link. We pay you £2.50 for every Budget hosting sale We pay you £5.00 for every Starter hosting sale We pay you £7.50 for every Business-U hosting sale We ... Read More »

8th Oct 2013