How to upgrade from Plesk 9 to Plesk 11

If your web hosting service is a Plesk 9 account and you wish to upgrade to Plesk 11 then do not worry as the process is very easy and free of charge. You will receive a much higher performance account, later PHP 5.3x and MySQL 5.5x revision levels, a much better service and many new features overall.

1) Submit a support ticket containing the following details.
2) Your domain name and Plesk 9 clientXXXXX login name
3) Your desire to upgrade to Plesk 11 as soon as possible
4) We will backup/restore all of your data and change the name servers on domains where required
5) Provide us details of an 8 hour window to perform the migration
6) Your site will not suffer any downtime during the process

Our technicians will receive your request and schedule the upgrade according to your requirements.
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