How to Transfer out a .UK domain name (i.e. change IPSTAG)

We make it easy for you to transfer away .UK domain names.

To transfer out a .UK domain name we need the following:

1) Domain name to be transferred
2) The IPSTAG of the receiving provider

Submit a support ticket to the helpdesk containing these details and the Support Team with action the transfer.

BUT before you decide to change your IPSTAG please consider the following:

1) Why not just change your domain name servers? This has the same effect without the domain transfer requirement.
2) Do you know if your new provider will release your domain so easily? Some providers charge between £15 and £99 for IPSTAG changes. Find out the charges first.
3) Do you know your new provider domain renewal rates? Find this out first as once your domain is transferred, you are locked in to their renewal prices.
4) Why do you want to change your IPSTAG? Did someone give you a better price? Let us know!
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