Email bounces with error DENIED_AUTH_REQUIRED


To reduce spam levels and eliminate damage caused by compromised web applications and plugins, it is no longer possible to send from OR receive to email addresses that do not exist.

Sending Outgoing Emails (SMTP)

If you receive this error when sending emails from the server, then you need to ensure that

  • You are authenticating to the SMTP server correctly in your web application
  • You are using port 587 in your scripts

Receiving / Forwarding Emails Externally

If you receive this error when receiving emails and you are forwarding them externally

  • Ensure the email exists as either a mailbox, forwarding alias or plain alias
  • You should be able to see this email in Plesk > Websites and Domains > Mail
  • If this email does not exist, then you must create it

Still not working after fixing the above? Contact the Helpdesk

If you are suddenly receiving this problem then you must ensure the email address you are using (the one experiencing the problem) actually exists in your Plesk panel, as it may have been abused by spammers previously.

If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact the helpdesk after reviewing the above information and supply the following information so that we may assist:

  • Explain if the problem is receiving or sending
  • Explain the email address experiencing the problem
  • Confirm that you are using SMTP authentication (if problem is outgoing)
  • Confirm that the email address exists (if problem is incoming)
  • Copy the bounce message into the helpdesk ticket

If you do not supply enough information it will take much longer to help you resolve the problem as we will need to gather this information before being able to help you to resolve the issue.

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